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Disease - organically treating common diseases of fruit, grass, and flowers

 Plants can fend off most disease if they are grown in good soil, getting the right amount of water and light, and grown in a climate which is appropriate. Right plant, right place. If you have a plant with a disease, take a look at what kinds of conditions that particular plant likes, and adjust as best you can the soil, water, light, and temperature to better meet its needs.

To address a current disease problem, first you must identify the disease. If you are having trouble identifying it on your own, take a sample to your local county extension agent or Master Gardener. Here is a link to find your local county extension agent:

Unfortunately, there is no US-wide map for Master Gardeners. Here is the source for Master Gardeners in the state of Washington:

Below is both a 2 page garden guide to disease, and a fact sheet on Powdery Mildew, a very common disease in the Pacific Northwest

Click here to download a high resolution pdf version of all 6 Pest Solution Fact Sheets: Aphids, Dandelions, Moss, Powdery Mildew and Other Fungal Diseases, Quackgrass, and Slugs Fact Sheets: All

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